Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cameron Balloons Hot-airships - follow up to G-BWKE - [Update: Post 100]

Following up to our article from Tuesday morning about the Radio FFH hot-airship G-BWKE
We have to thank Brett from Airminded who pointed out some great information in response to the last post. The Airship has a UK registration and is registered to Wilfried Arnold in Kassel Germany. You can read the registration details here at the G-INFO databse Search of the UK Civil Aviation Authority Website. The Manufacturer of the Airship is Cameron Balloons UK which seem to work together with GEFA-Flug (also check out their more extensive German website). The AS-105 GD is a very versatile little hot-airship that can be stored in a trailer when not in use. The crew needed to operate it is just 3 people the pilot plus two ground staff. The Envelope is 2,970m³ (105,000ft³) and 41m(134.5ft) long and weighs about 200kg (440lbs) together with the Gondola which is made of "Stainless Steel Space Frame & Aluminium Panels" the whole airship doesn't weigh more than 500kg. According to the Cameron Balloons website such an airship "costs less than 5% of the price of a large helium airship to buy and incurs less than a tenth of one percent of the operating costs, yet will conservatively return 50% of the advertising value". These airships are also similar to Dan Nachbars personal blimp "Skyacht" which he built and constructed with some friends.

Here are some additional pictures of the airship and other Cameron Balloons airhsips. Check out each link for the pictures
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