Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hot airship - G-BWKE

I just realized that I haven't posted an article since last Wednesday, the reason for this was, that we are in the process of launching a the website for the upcoming First International Airship Investors Conference. So have patience if the updates are a bit slower in the next few weeks. Before I work through the many news items, that have accumulated in the last few days, I would like to start of this week with some pictures of a hot air blimp that was hovering over a folk fest in the Rhein-Main area in Germany this weekend. The advertising shown is for a local radio station FFH. FFH is known for it's love to airships, blimps and Zeppelins, every year in summer you can spot them somewhere with one. You can not reach more people that visually impressive with anything else than an airship. The Identification reads G-BWKE, I'm trying to track this down and try to get an interview with the operators, to find out costs, and availability. If you know anything about this ship, please contact us.


Anonymous said...

The G means a UK-registered aircraft, so I looked in the G-INFO database and found that G-BWKE is a Cameron Balloons AS-105 GD, currently registered to Wilfried Arnold of Kassel, Germany (the address is given at the above link). Hope that helps!

Andreas said...

Hello Brett,
thanks so much for this info, I will try to contact the guy, to get some more infos. And thanks for the links. Also checked out your Blog Airminded and saw the Holden Airship in one of your articles, give me a heads up next time you have something about airships and I will link to you.

Regards and Thanks,


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