Monday, July 2, 2007

Helium provider Linde has airship

I found this image a few days ago on flickr it shows a blimp airship with the Linde Logo on it. Linde is a big helium provider in Germany and Europe. I was wondering if this is a helium airship that they have or just a hot air one, searching on the web I could not find anything about it. The picture is taken in the north west of Germany in a city called Aachen, any Input would be welcome. And while talking about Linde as a helium provider, I would like to ask you our readers to send us company names of helium providers in their countries. Where can one get helium for a reasonable price in your home country. We would like to compile a list and report on helium price changes and possible ways to get enough helium for an airship. If you already know of a website that does this, please tell us where to find it. Since we are interested to let more people know about it if something like a helium ptice comparsion page would exist.


Anonymous said...

the picture shows a hot air airship. One feature of the typical hot air ship is its rudder from top to bottom.

there is only a handful of different manned helium airships, maybe you could collect the dozen or so different pictures for presentation on the blog?!
basically what you could see in the unlikeliest event over Germany:
Zeppelin NT
Lightship A60 or A150
WWA 40D Sky Dragon
Whats currently being operated is probbably the NT only.


Anonymous said...

ah, yes the Skyship is also currently being operated.

Andreas said...

Thanks for the info. Ya maybe we should do that. I have been thinking about something like an onlineshop for airships where interested investors can browse, different airships, and their specifications, costs and time to build.
If possible even order airships right online, or at least, get into contact with the right people.

Anonymous said...

i took the photo, thanks for using it. would have preferred to be asked, but for non-profit blogs, it's fine. happy new year! baalbeki.

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