Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Zeppelin Tourism

The Zeppelin, continues to be one of our top news sources, it seems that there is a never ending stream of news around and about the Zeppelin NT. Today we would like to present a little update that we had just received from Zeppelintours.
John and Ute Christopher of Airship Initiatives tell us that their Zeppelin Tours to Friedrichshafen are going very well. Perhaps the most interesting request so far was from a man in Japan who wanted to take his cat on the flight. (And no, Zeppelin wouldn't permit it.)

They have several accompanied group tours scheduled over the next few months (see below) and as you will see they now offer the option of a three-night stay in Friedrichshafen. There is more new information on the updated website including a full calendar and prices. Plus lots of new photos and so on.

Forthcoming tours:
These include a 60 minute Zeppelin NT flight of course, and all the extras.

8-10 August - Gold Tour with 2 nights in Friedrichshafen
4-7 September - Platinum Tour with 3 nights in Friedrichshafen

In addition they can arrange flights/tours for individuals, and Zeppelin have confirmed that flights will continue at Friedrichshafen until mid-November.

"Hopefully by 2008 we will also be able to offer flights in Friedrichshafen, San Francisco and in Tokyo!" John says. "Of course the 'big plan' is to get a Zeppelin to London and we are continuing to work on this... I have had several airship flights over London in the past and it is a spectacular place to fly. For the moment you can take a virtual London flight on the website."

So take a look at the expanded and improved website, and if you want to discuss getting up in the Zepp then get in touch with John and Ute at

Read on in our previous posts about Airship Initatives and Zeppelintours as well as about the Zeppelin, for more information.

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