Friday, July 27, 2007

Ecogeek gives airships a chance just released a nice article about "9 Steps to Cheaper Greener Flight" also including Airships at Number 8. here is what they wrote:
I know, now you KNOW I'm crazy. But, seriously, I think airships deserve a second chance. They do not require any energy to keep them aloft, and while they travel at a fraction of the speed of airplanes, they can move significantly faster than cars, up to 150 mph, without having to follow roads. Depending on their size, a modern airship could be significantly more energy efficient than even a Greyhound bus (currently the most efficient way to travel long distances.) They do have some problems, for example, they have a hard time flying over the Rocky Mountains, or the Alps, but they more than make up for it with amenities. One planned airship has enough space for 1,000 people to sit comfortably on a lower deck, while an upper deck would sport tennis courts and a movie theater for first-class passengers.

It's great to see that not just the people inside the industry believe that airships can have a significant impact on the future of air transport, but also more mainstream media. Go to Ecogeek for the full article to discover the other 8 Steps, including, open turbine rotors, flying wings and more. Also check out the comments to the post, with some more positive opinions on airships like this one:
Airships rock

I know listed airships towards the end, as in they are on the more "crazy" side. But I think they have real potential. Anyone who has had to spend 12 hours cramped in a tiny seat on a long haul flight would jump at the chance to have more space even if the journey took longer - people pay massive amounts to go on cruise ships. There would be a market for these I reckon. I'd be prepared to take longer to get to my destination if it meant a bit more comfort and space. And don't forget all the freight that gets flown around the world as well.

If you find an article like this, tell us about it and send us your comments as to why you think airships are the future

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