Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Follow up to Lockheed and Livejournal airship websites

As reported yesterday Lockheed will probably not get anymore funding for it's High Altitude Airship program, there was a comment to the post from yesterday pointing out another blog post titled "A Lesson in Defence Contracting" if you want to get some more in depth knowledge I suggest that you check it out. My question to the anonymous commenter how does your google bot work, I don't have that yet, and maybe it would help me digging out new stories. So please contact me and tell me how to set it up, thanks.
Also I want to point out two sites, the first one is a Livejournal Community called "luftschiff abteilung" (airship department) we will keep an eye on them if there is something worth mentioning you will read it here.
The second page was pointed out in a comment to the post about Historic Airship Pictures yesterday. I had written about in May already but somehow lost track of it. It's the aerocrat Livejournal a Russian blog focused on LTA. Updated very regular and a source for more information in the future.
I really want to thank everyone for their comments, they are great, so keep em coming, especially point out new sites that you discover and news Items, or at least bookmark them with use the tags airship or airships and it will pop up in my daily reading.

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