Friday, July 25, 2008

Great 8 Minutes video of the Zeppelin over London - [Updated: and another 3 minutes]

I just found a great great Video of the Zeppelin flying over London on YouTube. It has been online for just a few hours and has only been watched 19 times as of the time I write this. So whats so great and why is it a must watch for every Zeppelin Fan. Well because it is 8 Minutes long, the longest video till now that I have seen of the London flights. It starts out with the Zeppelin showing once again it's unsurpassed ground handling qualities. Following lot of scenes from within the Zeppelin so you can see everything in great detail and you get to experience the introduction that the copilot does when the airship lifts of. Finishing with some nice shots of London and the Zeppelin lifting off with for the next flight. Watch it, rate it, comment on it. It's worth it. And can inspire even more people to want to fly in Airships.

Airship Over London Star Over London
In addition to the Video above, Jim Logajan from the Yahoo Airshiplist pointed out another video of a flight with the London Zeppelin.

Airship Ride Over London
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Londonist said...

Thanks for posting our video - there are more pictures here:

Best wishes


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