Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Zeppelin NT - always worth an article

It has been roughly two weeks since the last progress update on the new Zeppelin NT and you deserve to get an update. So jump over to the Airshipventures blog Up Ship! and their current post "The Last Piece". Brian Hall gives us a nice update of the current state and progress. He says, the last piece of the frame is now completed and the envelope will soon be put on the frame. Check out the blog post for additional detail and pictures.
The Zeppelin NT also appears in the current issue of the Ryanair Magazine in an article called ZEPPELIN REBORN. The Magazine is the inflight magazine of the European budget airline Ryanair who also provide direct connections to Friedrichshafen where the Zeppelin is being build. Thanks go to John Christopher from Zeppelintours for pointing out this great two page article.

That's it for todays Zeppelin news but we also have our first bit from the yesterday mentioned blimp operations yahoo group. Leo Freitas pointed out an article about a white blimp that is studying emissions from a plant, it's a short article but worth the read. Once again an airship gets used for a scientific operation.

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