Thursday, February 14, 2008

Airships are coming back to Moffet Field

We told you a few days ago that Airshipventures is preparing for the arrival of their Zeppelin and today they published a press release that will make airship fans very happy. Airshipventures will be based at Moffet Field the historic home of the Macon and many Navy Blimps. And start operating from there. They also are working with the local authorities about the possibility to use the historic Hanagar 2. check out their revamped Website at, they also posted a couple of Job openings in their career section so if you would like to work in the airship industry check it out, they will be opening more positions through out the next months.

Here is their press release in full text:
Airship industry returns to Moffett after 60 years
Moffett Field, California and Los Gatos, California—February 13 2008 -- Airship Ventures today announced that they are moving into offices at the NASA Research Park,
Moffett Field, California.

Airship Ventures, Inc, a corporation formed to bring Zeppelin NT airship operations to the USA, will be establishing its headquarters in temporary office accommodation at the research park pending an agreement with NASA that will see the company renovate and occupy part of historic building 20 on Shenandoah Plaza, the former Bachelor Officers Quarters.

Brian Hall, President of Airship Ventures, commented “We are very pleased to be taking this next step towards permanent operations. One can’t help but be inspired by the historic setting – the past home to the Macon and fleets of Navy blimps. How appropriate for it to become the future home to modern high-tech airships on the eve of its 75th birthday.”

The USS Macon first arrived at Sunnyvale Naval Air Station, later renamed Moffett Field, in October of 1933. The last blimp to operate at the field was deflated in August 1947.

Airship Ventures plans to commence operations with a Zeppelin NT in the San Francisco
area in the fall. This move marks their ramp up towards full time operations and the hiring of many key posts. Alexandra Hall, CEO of Airship Ventures, said “The NASA Research Park is home to a very innovative group of tenants who all have synergies with NASA Ames. I’m particularly excited about the range of science and industry partnerships that our being on site here could enable.”

Airship Ventures has been seeking local endorsement of their plans to use Hangar 2 at Moffett Federal Airfield, and in November 2007, they obtained a resolution of support from Mountain View City Council, as well as letters of support from Senator Elaine Alquist and Assemblywoman Sally Lieber. NASA has yet to formally announce the
outcome of its review on Airship Ventures’ use of the historic wooden airship hangar, Hangar 2, and airfield.


Airship Ventures Inc., founded 2007 in Los Gatos, California, is a privately owned corporation formed with the objective of bringing Zeppelin NT airships to the US for commercial air tours, scientific payloads, media and advertising operations.


The Zeppelin NT07 airship, carrying up to 12 passengers, will be the largest airship flying in the US. At 246 feet in length, it is more than 50ft longer than the largest blimp. Using the inert gas helium for lift, and vectored thrust engines for flight, the Zeppelin NT has been flying with an unparalleled safety record since 1997, in Germany and Japan.

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Airship Ventures is a trademark of Airship Ventures, Inc. Zeppelin is a trademark of
Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH. All other product and brand names may be trademarks
or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Airship Ventures Contact:
Alex Hall
pr at airshipventures dot com
+1-650-969-8100 ex 102


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