Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Zeppelin Nt07#4 is almost complete and Airshipventures is preparing for it's arrival

It's been a only few weeks since we have give you an update on the progress of Zeppelin NT07 #004, you can check the pictures here. But things are progressing rather quickly and Airshipventures is writing about it in their Blog Up Ship! in the article "Getting a bit crowded" they feature the photo that you see in this post. The envelope is currently undergoing pressure testing and can be seen on left border of the picture. Since the envelope is one of the most expensive parts of an airship this has to be done with great care. In the middle is the Zeppelin NT07#3 with his t-city branding during his yearly inspection.
But this is not the only news that reaches us from San Francisco based Airshipventures they are soon (read this week) announcing some news, probably having something to do with their new "office" buildings. Check out their blogpost "Growing...", maybe the pictures might give you a little clue as to where they are going to be located. But keep an eye on Airshipworld as well as the Airshipventures Website and Blog. We will be publishing the news as soon as we receive it. In the meanwhile read up about Airshipventures in Airshipworld or read a few of their other posts on UpShip! like this one, this other one or this here.

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