Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Airship Articles in the Yorkshire Post

John Christopher reports that the Yorkshire Post has two articles about Zeppelin and airships that are worth a read.
The first one, written by himself gives a general overview about the history of airships, current developments and gives an outlook into the future. You can read it here:
No longer pie-in-the-sky, the airship rises again

If you want to fly with a Zeppelin today you should contact John and his Company Zeppelintours which we have featured previously.

The second article focuses on a (HAP)High Altitude Platform that is being developed by a Company called StratXX. To learn more about what a high altitude platform is and detail about the StratXX project read the article:
Sky-Fi: Data with altitude

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Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job Andreas! I linked a friend up with your recent Massaud and Skycat posts. Keep up the good work!

Andreas said...

Thank you scatter. We are doing our best to keep the World informed about what is going on with airships. Positive feedback like yours help us to stay on the ball and make this job even more enjoyable than it already is. And thanks for spreading the word, it helps us to grow our audience.



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