Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Airship-List is down, Number 200 and we have a List

The Colorado Airship-list has been a trusty place to exchange Ideas and thoughts about Airships. The list has been around since 1996 and can easily be called the mother of all Airship Mailing Lists. Unfortunately there are currently some issues with the servers. They started February 19th 2008 and have not been solved to date. The Airship-list is currently not running but technicians are working on it according to list owner John Dziadecki. Since we at Airshipworld also have our own server with lots of bandwidth I offered to help, but got reassured that the Airship-list will be back up and running soon.
Never the less I did not want my efforts in setting up a mailinglist go to waste, and so I have decided in honor of our 200th post that Airshipworld should get it's own mailinglist, for you the reader to exchange thoughts and ideas, to join in to conversations. We will have a full public archive of the list, and have a web interface from which you will be able to post to, you will be able to search for posts and much more. But to search for posts and answer them through the web we first need a few subscribers. So hop over and sign up to The-List. Post a hello, a news item or a question, I will try to answer or at least reply to each post on the list if I can. Also tell your friends and colleagues. If you have been a subscriber of the Airship-list and want to have a little backup why don't you subscribe to the Airshipworld list that way there is a backup list for the future.

You might wonder why there is a need for yet another list, and I would like to give a simple answer to this. The Airshipworld Blog is our editorial platform where we can share news with you. The list should be more like a discussion forum to discuss the news and other topics and a place where our readers can exchange thoughts and get to know each other.