Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Website Discovered: Blimp-Operations.US

It's Tuesday and yes I have let you waiting for some reading material. But this is not the only post tonight, there is of course lot's in the pipes and so I try to do two if not even three posts tonight so that you have some stuff to read. So as the title says i found a new Website. Maybe the website is not new new but it's new to me and I haven't come across it yet. The site is called Blimp-Operations.us and focuses on what the name says: blimp operations in the US. It's a nice little site that i worth a browse it contains a few links to sites that I haven't known before. Two things I want to point out in particular. Number one is the discussion group of blimp operations on Yahoo. Just go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blimp_operations/ and send a request to join their group. It's a small group with just 26 people and not a lot of traffic usually less than a message per day but they are always pointing out nice links and bits about blimp operations in the United States. The other one is a Flickr pool of Blimp Operations that has some nice pictures of blimps in it. Most up to date are a few close up shots of the DirectTV Blimp.

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