Monday, February 18, 2008

Airship links for week number eight of 2008

I have been collecting quite a few links in the meanwhile on my account, but i have also saved a lot of them private and haven't shared them yet, hoping that I could write a blogpost about them one day. While i have shared already almost 200 links with you i also have almost 300 links that I haven't yet shared. So I thought before those links get all dusty and old, I am going to publish 10 links every week, for you to browse through and to empty out my queue. So let's get started, shall we.
    Our inspiration and forefathers, the home of the Airshipworld Magazine which was formerly called Gasbag. The Magazine was produced up until 2003. Since then the website hasn't really been refreshed but it's a website that you should check out. If you know anyone from let em know that we want to help them revive the magazine.
  2. Vertical Airships -
    Vertical Airships is a very interesting concept for an airship that is not traditionally cigar shaped instead it's very high leading to a smaller footprint on the ground compared to traditional airships. Check out this project by John Engstrom and give him some feedback on his project.
  3. JP Aerospace
    Self titled as Americas OTHER space program the JP Aerospace program aims to reach space with lighter than air vehicles. The project dates back to January 2005 but recently it seems to gain traction, they also have a blog at
  4. Wikipedia Entry: Airship
    Of course everybody knows about the Wikipedia enrty for "Airship" but i just want to remind everyone that everyone of us can go and improve this article, update it with new projects or add more historic references. Also the Wikipeadia references dmoz for edited links to Airships sites, currently there are only 10 in there but you can also become an editor and help filling this directory. We will also try to transfer some of our links to dmoz.
    This article about a Contest with the Goodyear Blimp, where students had to throw a basket ball out of the blimp into a hoop, was featured on all the way back in March of last year, that was when we just started.
  6. The Mooringmast
    This website has been around for quite a while and has always been a great point of reference for links to airship related websites, I wonder if the Airshipworld Blog is linked there.
  7. Airship by John Dziadecki
    The godfather of all Airship websites, has been around for more than 10 years and is still one of the resources for reference when you want to get to know more about airships. John is also the owner of the often mentioned Colorado Airship-list the without a doubt longest running airship mailing list since November 1995.
  8. Hybrid Aircraft Corporation
    Yes the resemblance of the airship displayed on the first page of their websites bares a striking resemblance to either the Skycat or the Lockheed Martin P-791. The never ending story has not yet been completely solved but HAC is another puzzle piece worth checking out.
  9. American Blimp Corporation
    The American Blimp Corporation is owner of The Lightship Group and operates most of the Lightships all over the world. Their website seems a bit outdated but it's a good start if you want to get in contact with them.
  10. Millenium Airship
    A cargo airship project that is looking for investors to build their Skyfreighter which is supposed to carry up to 500tons of cargo.
I hope you had some fun browsing through those websites, if you know of any sites that I should have mentioned today wirte us an email or post in the comments, and while we are posting links, if you have a website it would be great if you could link to Airshipworld.

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