Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zeppelin NT#4 is flying - jup it did.

The rumor mill is currently buzzing. Looks like the Zeppelin NT#4 lifted of the ground some time today after 4pm local time from the Airfield in Friedrichshafen. More as soon as we have confirmation while you are waiting check out this great picture of the Zeppelin NT#4 taken from the Zeppelin NT#3.
Just got the confirmation on the Airship Ventures Blog. The Zeppelin NT#4 flew and is back in the hangar. Congratulations to everyone down in Friedrichshafen, to the whole Team of Zeppelin who worked hard to build the ship and to Airship Ventures who put a lot of passion into getting the Zeppelin to the US. Your efforts payed of. Up Ship!

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