Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The ILA in Berlin started (without us)

This week the Berlin Airshow ILA opened it's gates and we originally wanted to hold the First International Airship Investors Conference at the ILA but as you might have figured from the lack of updates and posts it is not happening this year. That the Conference is not happening this year does not mean it is dead or will never happen. One day we will hold a first international investors conference for airships what it will be called, well that's up in the air :-) We will continue to work hard but will take it easy on the conference since we realized organizing a conference takes a lot of time and having a day job that keeps one busy isn't exactly beneficial for such an endeavor. We will focus our energy on our online activities we are working on a few new things some of it is planned to be coming to a browser near you this fall. So keep an eye on the Blog. Oh and if you want to be part in our exclusive beta let us know send us an email with "Beta Fall 2008" in the Subject. Our email address is as always airshipworld at gmail dot com.

Are you at the ILA, have you spotted something about lighter-than-air or airships, talked with people about airships ? Send us your stories, add them in the comments, let us know what#s going on since we can not be there.

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