Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Airship Surveillance - continues at high pace

© Airship Surveillance
It's been just over a month since our last post about Airship Surveillance and they are continuing at an extremely high pace. Airship Surveillance has issued no less than 8 press releases in the last 4 weeks. By distributing them through Marketwire they reach a broad audience very quickly.

So what has been going on with Airship Surveillance in the last month, you have the option to read all the press releases yourself or just continue on and read our summary. Beginning of May WENR Corp which has been working closely with Airship Surveillance announced a letter of intent to acquire them. Which was followed up with more information about the aquisition and a Letter to the shareholders. This letter contained some very interesting bits about the current developments in the company. They informed that:
... AirSur is currently in discussions concerning six potential sales opportunities. These contracts include several L15, L5 and L2 airships which will have a value measured in the tens of millions of dollars if all are exercised and completed. In addition to outright sales, AirSur is also in discussions regarding the 'wet lease' of aircraft in which it will operate its aircraft for clients.
They are also planing a Media Day and might be looking for new full time staff. The press release reads:
Finally, the foreseen growth and sales of subsequent airships will require AirSur to possibly seek an even larger facility and hire additional full-time staff. WENR is also looking into adding additional members to its Board of Directors to reflect the Company's new direction.
A few days after the letter Airship Surveillance announced that:
Sandy Mangold has been appointed as Vice President of the Company and has been elected to its Board of Directors.
Sandy Mangold is, according to the press release, a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force and has been working with Airship Surveillance from the very beginning. CEO Paul Adams was quoted in the press release saying:
"He (Mangold) will be responsible for generating sales, business strategy, and overall growth of Airship Surveillance."
Also beginning of may Airship Surveillance was able to announce a first contract with a government contractor. This is what Sandy Mangold had to say:
"We are pleased to announce the award of a systems engineering contract with a Las Vegas-based company, which has extensive contacts in defense, energy, and academic communities," stated Sandy Mangold of AirSur. "Airship Surveillance will conduct integration studies for a wide range of biological, chemical and radiation sensors, which could be flown on our airships. Further, the contract also calls for the Company to develop an accompanying series of deployment concepts (Concepts of Operations) for each specific set of payload suites."
In parallel they are also developing the L2 airship further. Pilot training has started and the first custom build airship is being build for a client. Just yesterday a press release was issued informing that Airship Surveillance...
... will welcome representatives of three prospective clients during the month of June from the Defense, Homeland Security, and commercial communities.

The visitors will specifically view development and operations areas of Airship Surveillance. Each entity will get to view and see first-hand the company's newest airship, the L 2 (named the "Flying Cloud" in honor of the famous 19th Century US Clipper Ship,) which will be finished the first week of June. Each client's inspection will be several days in length.
Airship Surveillance has also put a few more videos into their YouTube Channel the newest of them were put into a playlist by me. The first video shows trial flights of the R&D1 indoors the second the R&D1 passing in front of the inflated envelope of the new L2 airship and the last video contains footage of the L2 airship envelope acceptance test. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Airship Surveillance trades under the stock symbol WNRC. Any government contract and I would suspect that not only will their airships take to the sky, so will their stock. Might want to own a piece of this now.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head. WNRC (AirSur) has a lot of potential.

Anonymous said...

it does look very similar to ATG's stratsat.

Anonymous said...

You know they'll get at least one of those contracts in June. Each one of those contracts is larger then their company's market cap. Kaboom to the WNRC stock price.

Anonymous said...

Nice and concise news peice on WNRC's Airship Surveillance.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a shareholder of GTEM...been a very painful holding for me...just about ready to give up on pinkies...but WNRC does look good...will do some research on it.

Anonymous said...
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