Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breaking News:Zeppelin NT#4 has left the hangar and will fly today. - hopefully

It's a cool and cloudy morning in Friedrichshafen nevertheless Zeppelin has decided to get the ship out of the hangar for the first time. Airship Ventures reports live on their blog as I type. Here is their announcement:
Good morning Airship Friends
#4 left the hangar at 7:36 am this morning. She is currently undergoing engine tests on a very gray and gusty morning. IF the weather clears, she may take to the air later this afternoon. (Germany time is CEST which is currently nine hours ahead of California)
If the weather doesn't clear, better weather is forecast for tomorrow morning.
You can see the latest photos on our blog and Zeppelins webcam also shows you some views.
More very soon!
Brian and Alex
at Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik.
The great thing about the Webcam you are incontrol of it and can aim it at the Zeppelin NT. The picture you can see in this post is from Airship Ventures and is the first full picture of the Zeppelin NT number 4. Check out their Blog for more pictures and articles through out the day.


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