Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The airship blogosphere

The Blogosphere is big there are probably more than 113 million blogs on the web and of course Airshipworld is not alone when it comes to airship focussed blogs. With the still dysfunctional Colorado Airship-List we at Airshipworld have to turn more to the web as a news source and of course that includes a lot of Airship related Blogs, so let's take a look at the latest headlines of other airship blogs.

Of course there is Blimpin' Ain't Easy where Keith keeps us updated on the live of the Metlife Blimp and his life as an airship pilot. These were some of the recent posts:Another Blog that we just recently discovered is the Goodyear Blimp Blog. Since our last post February 26th they haven't been sleeping and posted three new articles on their blog here they are:Last but not least for today I want to mention one of the all time favorites the Airshipventures Blog UpShip! Alex and Brian Hall have been a part of our reporting since the very early days and we won't stop bringing you updates from them, just like their newest updates.That's it for today, we will continue with a similar post on non English blogs and websites. Check the Mailinglist and discuss this entry there, do you know of any blog that we haven't mentioned yet but should mention in a future post? Please also give us feedback on our previous post about the Airshipworld Conference. What do you think?

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