Monday, March 17, 2008

Airship Surveillance Inc. - new airship company

When I looked back at last year this January I felt that 2008 was going to become the year of the Airships and right now all signs seem to point into the right direction.
Today we want to present you a new company that joined the airship industry. Airship Surveillance Inc. based in Las Vegas, USA. Their name states already the goal of the company to build surveillance Airships, on their product page they already list three planned types that they are planning to build. They also put a video of their first test flight up on YouTube, you can watch it here:

While I was watching this Video I could not help but think about the Hyperblimp which is a development by Daniel Geery from which it seems Airship Surveillance has taken a few clues. Check out our posts about the Hyperblimp here. Do you know anything more about Airship Surveillance Inc ? Thoughts about the Hyperblimp similarities ? Share you thoughts in the Forum&Mailinglist

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