Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Call for Speakers

We had posted our ideas for the Airshipworld Conference a few days ago here. And now we want to continue with the next shout out to the Community. Please think about holding a presentation at the conference. We only have to fill a program of 4 hours but even for that we need speakers. If you have a Project that you or your company or association or group or initiative wants to present let us know. Costs are absolutely secondary for now. Please consider speaking all you need to pay for is getting to the ILA and maybe a Ticket for the ILA we will figure that out but that's it. It's an easy and cheap way to get your company represented at the ILA. So join in send us you proposals with a short abstract of your idea. We do not need full presentations yet. Just a clear intent that you want to present something at the Conference. Again the target audience is the general public and possible investors and politicians so it's more an image and media campaign for our industry to show what is possible, what can be bought, build, done today. Read the Conference ideas and Proposal again and then send an Email to us at airshipworld at gmail dot com. Please consider participating. It would be sad if we didn't have an outlet for the airship industry at the ILA.

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