Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Airshipbloggers and updates

A few days ago we were telling a bit about the Airship Blogosphere. And we want to continue to point out another great resource and tell you a little bit about their latest posts. We have previously mentioned the Russian Blog Aerocrat. He keeps posting great content, in Russian of course but thanks to Google Translate we are also able to enjoy what he writes. Most recently he had an article about a Russian TV Programme about Airships (translated here), in Russian but there might be some of our readers who can read Russian. Can you read Russian? Then contact us please. Another Article is about the Festo Air Ray (translation here) and it's similarity with a stingray. The article is quite difficult to understand but we have also written about it before why don't you check out our article called "Airships are just like fish in the sky" in another post Aerocrat also mentions the bionic EMPA blimp that we mentioned in our article. But his post focuses more on remote controlled Blimps in general featuring a nice collection of Youtube videos. Check it out here of course there is also the translated version but the video are only linked in the original version. We also would like to extend our coverage more on remote controlled airships. A Topic that we have previously covered but not enough in my opinion. Aerocrat also had recently a great article about the Holden Airship (translation here). Featuring this great Youtube Video of the inflation and applying of the artwork.

Two other articles are also worth mentioning one is an article about the Swiss Straxx Project as alway accompanied with many pictures. Read it here and the English translation here. Last but not least he also had an article about the Aeroscraft (translated here) and it's involvement in the DARPA Walrus programme. To learn more about the Aeroscraft continue reading here
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