Friday, March 7, 2008

The Airshipworld Mailings has an archive and webinterface

On Tuesday we announced the new Airshipworld Mailinglist and today we are happy to announce that we went a step further, we teamed up with Nabble to host our mailinglist archive there. You now can click the new link in the menu on the Blog which will take you directly to the Nabble web interface to the mailinglist. You don't have to be a subscriber to read it and you don't have to subscribe to use the search there. This will give us a powerful forum that you as our reader can use to exchange thoughts with other readers or to discuss topics that have been started here on the Blog. I want to thank the first 9 subscribers and want to invite everyone who reads the Blog to participate. Spread the word about this new list, invite other airship enthusiasts. Unfortunately the Colorado Airship-list is still defunct, please correct me on this if I am wrong but I haven't received any mails. So if the list will not recover, which is something that I do not hope will happen, we can accompany all the old subscribers with ease if they want to join us. So spread the word, because without a list the broadcasting of news is relatively slow since the number of airship blogs and news sites is still very low.

[Update:] I just saw that John Dziadecki has posted an update on his website, check out the news about the Airship-list in the Announcements of his Airship website. He also has instructions how you should be able to get back on the list, but it had not worked for me unfortunately.

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