Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Zeppelin NT - ground handling almost perfect

Originally I just wanted to publish this video of the brand new Zeppelin NT Number 4 with the Airship Ventures design on it but then I found a video of the Zeppelin NT #3 landing and thought I would just share with you some general ground handling and landing videos of the Zeppelin NT. It amazes me again and again how few people the airship requires for ground handling. The vectored propellers on the sides and the tail make the Zeppelin NT really the most maneuverable manned airship in the world. But enough said on to the videos. The first video shows the brand new Zeppelin NT #4 being taken out of the hangar, on the front the mast truck on the back just one member of the ground crew steering the tail of the airship.
The next video is an approach by the Zeppelin, it's turning into the wind and then lands, the ground crew of just three men then put the stairs onto the airship to allow passengers to exit. A completely different experience than that on the Goodyear Blimps with their big ground crew.
The last video shows a landing and takeoff by the Zeppelin NT #3 the highlight in this video is again the hovering ability of the Zeppelin and the calm slow aproach for landing and the easy take off.


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