Saturday, June 28, 2008

William Thomas about Airship on Coast to Coast AM

William Thomas a Canadian investigative journalist was on Coast to Coast AM the beginning of this month and spoke about airships. Coast to Coast AM is a syndicated radio talk show in the United States. Read the Wikipedia article for more background information on Coast to Coast AM. The radio show can be listened to again via these two youtube playlists: Informations given in the show are nothing really new, a few false claims for example that the Zeppelin NT can carry 21 People instead of 12 but that might have been just a number mixup. The most interesting part is when Robert Rist from Dynalifter gets a chance to talk about the project, stating the the project is alive and that they are working on the prototype. So it seems the project is not dead yet eventhough their first prototype got so serverely damaged.

William Thomas also wrote a number of articles that are available from his website, I have just skimmed them but they might be worth a read as he covers a broad spectrum of general Airship Information, overviews about the companies currently in business and looks at the future possibilities of airships for passenger travel and their impact on climate change. He covers the Zeppelin NT from Zeppelin Luftschiff Technik (ZLT), Airship Ventures, the Voyager Airship of 21st Century Airships, the Dynalifter of Ohio Airships and Worldwide Aeros with their Aeroscraft. Here are his articles:Let us know what you think about them, share your thoughts in the Airshipworld Forum and on our Mailing List. And if you haven't yet subscribed to the Blog please do so by clicking on subscribe, it's free and allows us to have a better overview of how many people read the Blog.

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