Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RC Airship Regatta 2009 - Race Number 4

Even though the spammers are annoying me by spamming the mailing list it doesn't stop me from posting yet another Race of the 2009 RC Airship Regatta.
Presenting by far the largest airship in this years Regatta the Red Count (Roter Graf) with almost 4 meter length flown by Frederik Gester.

Roter Graf - Race 4 - Regatta March 2009

The time of the Red Count was not the quickest with 344,83 s this was mainly due to the fact of engine and control problems that were not fixable before the race. Because of that this airship places last in the current ranking.
  1. Adele - 73,32 s
  2. Flugwerft Flitzer - 103,43 s
  3. Makrobe - 152,00 s
  4. Roter Graf - 344,83 s
There are three more races left and I promise they will shake up the ranking a bit so stay tuned and check back tomorrow.

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