Sunday, April 26, 2009

RC Airship Regatta 2009 - Videos and Results

A few weeks ago during the DGLR Workshop XI in Friedrichshafen was another RC Airship Regatta. Starting today we will bring you each race in it's own post over the next few days and then ending with the results and a play list with the airships in the result order. The first race was by the airship called "Flugwerft Flitzer" flown by Peter Hanickel, enjoy.
Flugwerft Flitzer - Race 1 - Regatta March 2009

Currently the RC-Airship Regatta is a mainly German event but it would be great if people from around the world would start hosting races too. Join the RC-Airship Regatta Yahoo Group if you are interested. The next chance to see the airships will be in Torino, Italy at the World Air Games 2009. The Event is from the 6th to the 14th of June and the airships will fly at the Indoor Aeromusicals during intermission.


CharlesWS said...

It's a shame a full-size airship can't accelerate and turn so quickly...that was great! Of course, there are a hundred variables with the big airships, not the least of which are the right engines. We never did try to design such things with airships in mind. Maybe someday!

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