Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alex Hall from Airship Ventures tells their story in an Interview - Updated

Just found this on YouTube. John's World a public access TV show from San Francisco interviewed Alex Hall from Airship Ventures about the Zeppelin how their business started and much more. Check out the 3 part 30 Minute Interview below or jump to our Playlist on YouTube

Thanks to John's World for putting the interview up and sharing it on YouTube


Well the video was made private, on request. Apologies dear readers this post is worth nothing now, since you can't see the video. You now have to be a friend of John's World in order to see it.

Update 2:
The videos are back online. So enjoy.


Chris said...

This is a private video.
Can't watch it :C

Andreas said...

Hello Chris,
yes I am sorry for that, just minutes after I posted it the video was changed from public to private. I am not happy about it but we have to respect the copyright holders decision.


Editor of Airshipworld

Alex Hall said...

It will be back to public later today.

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