Thursday, January 8, 2009

SkyHook International making progress but strugeling with the financial crisis

The JHL-40 designed by the Canadian Company SkyHook International and built by Boeing is making the news these days. The Calgary Sun has an article titled "Hybrid blimp plans face financial hurdle" the article gives a quick introduction on Skyhook and then talks about the current progress:
Within the next few months, SkyHook and Boeing expect to release further details of the aircraft, dubbed the JHL-40, Jess said, adding that by mid-summer 2009, all systems that go into building the aircraft -- there are about 2,500 of them -- will be selected.
and the financial situation which has become more difficult but not impossible
Shaky financial markets and lenders that have grown more reluctant to finance projects, however, have also made it more difficult for SkyHook to raise the financing needed for the first JHL-40 to be built by late 2012 or early 2013.

"It's progressing. It's just not as easy as it was a year ago," Jess said about the search for financial backers, noting he has received several commitments for funding.
You can read the full article at the Calgary Sun website.
While researching todays post I also found another very interesting article about the Boeing JHL-40 SkyHook in the Shipping Digests Air Cargo Category called "BOEING’S BLIMP" also featuring an Interview with Barry Prentice known from the Airships to the Arctic Symposium that he organizes with his research institute ISO Polar. The article is really worth a read as it goes into great detail what the JHL-40 is how and where it will be built and why it is of great use for the northers regions of Canada.
Also check out our older posts about the SkyHook concept.

I want to thank Darrell Campbell from TURTLE AIRSHIPS for the tip on the Calgary Sun article.


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