Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Varialift Patent Granted and Proof of Concept Demonstration

Mr Alan Handley from Varialift Airships just published a press release stating that the Patent for his Varialift concept has been granted, we would like to congratulate him on this achievement. We are also looking forward to the demonstration of the proof of concept that is planned from April 2009 onwards. You can contact Mr Handley via alan at varialift dot com to register to get a formal notice of this event 30 days before it happens.
For Reference below the full text of the Press Release and after that the European granted patent as well as the US Patent application. Also check out the Links at the Bottom of this post for our previous posts about Varialift
Varialift Airships

Mr A Handley is pleased to announce that protection of the Intellectual Property in the Varialift concept has been assured by the grant of the European Patent No 1591356.

Proof of concept.

The development and build of the proof of concept continues and it is hoped that a demonstration will be given in the coming year 2009 from April onwards.

All parties who may be interested in seeing the demonstration may register by email to alan at varialift dot com, Formal notices will be sent out giving the date and time and venue 30 days prior to any demonstration.

The European patent EP1591356 (B1)
EP1591356 (B1) - System for controlling the lift of an aircraft

United States Patent Application US20050236519 (A1) (alternative link at the US Patent Office)
US20050236519 (A1) - System for controlling the lift of an aircraft

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Anonymous said...

Looking at airships used in the lower earths athmosphere,
although technically possible, the associated systems cost, weight and required power will render any design employing lifting gas compression economically useless.

There are some exeptions like high altitude superpressure balloons and LTA vehicles designed to fly in low density atmospheres. But even those systems are passive without pumps.

At this point in time of airship development and engineering experience I hoped it would be basic knowledge of any self respecting LTA vehicle designer that lifting gas compression is a naive fallacy.


Anonymous said...

"lifting gas compression is a naive fallacy."
Well. That certainly explains a lot! ;-] It's a rude comment and that's all it's worth.
The rude poster says the Varialift(TM) system has to be too expensive, heavy and powerful. Well, how scientific is that? On this website, we are airship fans who support airship progress, not pooh pooh it.
I think Alan Handley can make a helium compression system that is lightweight and effective and affordable, in aircraft terms.
Silly Philip probably hasn't looked at the prototype pictures at website or he MIGHT deduce that the compression chambers are huge cylinders and are not small, heavy, high pressure tanks!
This means the DEGREE of helium compression will be small but that the VOLUME of compression will be LARGE. Therefore, the compressor does NOT have to be the commonplace heavy-duty powerhouse compressor that he was assuming.
Yours for higher adventure, Allen Meece in Key West---

Andreas said...

Thanks to Phillip and Allen for your replies,
It's always great to see feedback to my posts. I agree with Allen that the arguments mentioned by Phillip aren't supported by any technical or mathematical proof. But it is Phillips opinion I am happy that it starts the discussion. Differing opinions are great and needed, anyone is welcome to post here, but I want to remind everyone that we need to treat each other with respect and diplomacy. So we might disagree with one another but we should always try to be respectful in our replies, so that people don't get offended. We all have different views but share a great passion and that is airships. Thanks for being my readers and thanks for participating by voicing your opinions here in the comments.

Editor of Airshipworld

Anonymous said...

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when you are a developer or inventor, to have patent granted it is really good to demonstrate the concept of your invention and I hope those guys from Varialift have good luck on that project!

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