Monday, March 26, 2007

Airshipworld Website and News Roundup

Well thing are progressing, so a new Website has been registered today which will be the Information hub about Airships and the upcoming First International Airship Investors Conference(IAIC) in Cape Town, South Africa, to be held from January 15th-17th 2008. The Website is not online yet so linking to it doesn't really make sense, but as soon as there is more information available I will post it here.
Since there isn't really an Airship News website out there I will try to collect some interesting Links and news about Airships, Blimps and LTA Research everyday. Today I have two interesting things, both more fiction than reality but still.

Extreme resorts: Airship hotel brings a touch of 1930s glamour to the skies
The first Item is from FX Magazine a british design Magazine, they released an article about a flying hotel which of course is going to be an airship. The article has some quite inspiring computer renderings in it, and maybe we hear about this airship called Clipper again, it's presumably designed by a guy called Seymour Powell.

The Captain Mors Page
The next newsitem for today is a small website dedicated to the German Dime-Novel series Der Luftpirat und sein Lenkbares Luftschiff. ["The Pirate of the Air and his Navigable Airship."], also known as Kapitän Mors der Luftpirat. The series was published from 1908-11 it's interesting to see the images and sketches of the airship in this novel, but it's sience-fiction even today almost 100 years later, quite unbelievable, we flew to the moon but having airships cruise the sky is still a dream.

So this is it for todays news Items any comments on the blog would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have news that hasn't been covered here, please leave a comment on the blog, in a few days I will have set up an email adress for the blog to contact me. See you again tomorrow same place, same time.


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