Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo Group screwup

So last night I happily announced the Blog in the two earlier mentioned Yahoogroups
Airshiplist and Airshipworld with a post, just to turn into a massive spammer afterwards. What happened? Well The people at Yahoo where "upgrading" the Servers to make email delivering faster, well but instead of delivering one message 10 times faster then before they delivered one message 10 times at the same speed than before. Which resulted in up to 20 exactly the same Emails in those peoples Inboxes who subscribed to both Groups mailinglists. The YahooGroups team put up a Blogentry about the Issue that they called "Duplicate Messages and Email Delivery" in which they explain what happened and also announced the fix. Unfortunately I had already made pretty much everyone on the Groups mailinglists mad, because they got my message 20 times. So I apologize for this rough start, it really wasn't my fault just unfortunate circumstances. I promise I will not spam anyone, if you email me at airshipworld (at) gmail (dot) com then I can guarantee I will only reply to your emails and never send any mass email stuff out if it is not of any real interest like the move of the URL of the Blog or something big like that.

So I have some news today, but I will keep them for tomorrow, since it's already late and I have to get some sleep. So no news tody but double the news tomorrow. And don't worry our week isn't over on friday we blog 7 Days a week.

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