Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Zeppelin NT is flying again

So good news for european airship enthusiasts, the Deutsche Zeppelin Rederei has resumed flights over Lake Constance, Germany as of March 27th 2007. So you can now go to their Website and Book you flight in the new Zeppelin-NT the only real Zeppelin, everything else is just an airship. I have seen the Zeppelin-NT a few times now and it is breathtaking just seeing it, I can not imagine how great it would be to actually fly in one. So if you are interested, check out the Deutsche Zeppelin Rederei website, there you will also find pricing information. To give you a quick overview flights start from € 145,- for 20 minutes all the way up to € 715,- for a full 2 hour tour.
If you have already done something like that, if you have pictures that you would like to share or stories, please email them to our brand new email address which is, yes we have an email address now, so please don't hesitate to contact us, with any question you have we will be more than happy to help you find an answer to your question or just recieve feedback from you. If you don't want to write an email just pot a comment on the site.
So Yesterday I announced the Airshipworld Yahoo Group, today I would like to point to another Yahoo Group wich is frequented by a lot of the same people that are on the Airshipworld group. The Yahoo Group is Called Airshiplist, quoting from their description:
A list for the discussion of topics related to airships, blimps, semi-rigids, Zeppelins and any other dirigibles together with LTA (lighter than air) issues in general.

So this is a more general and technical group which, if you are interested in airships, you should join. Efforts are on the way to join together those two groups into one even stronger group, everything with the goal of creating one big community for the Airship Industry. So I will keep you posted on that.
At last I would like to point you to the Website it's a Site dedicated to the Aeroscraft being developed by the Worldwide Aeros Corporation, they already have a few smaller blimps in production but haven't been able to deliver the huge Aeroscraft, which is also participating in the DARPA Walrus Program, I will have more about the Walrus Programm in a later post. For now this completes todays news. Please spread the word about this blog, and contribute with news, press releases and stories, also any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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