Saturday, May 2, 2009

RC Airship Regatta 2009 - Race Number 6

Race 6 is featuring another already familiar airship that is flown again by Dominik Baumüller who already flew Makrobe. This time he flies Centriolo an airship also already seen during last years competition. If you want to see last years flight look here.

Centriolo - Race 6 - Regatta March 2009

Since the airships have all different sizes the actual times of the airships are multiplied with a penalty-factor, this factor is larger the larger the ship is. The reasoning behind this is with a larger ship you have more payload and can attach larger and faster motors, this is not always the case that larger ships are faster but this formula tries to make the race a bit more fair.
With an actual time of 70,34 s and a calculated time of 73,36 s places Centriolo third after Adele even though Centriolo was in fact faster but also larger which shows the effect of the factor.

Ranking after race 6:
  1. D11 - 43,66 s
  2. Adele - 73,32 s
  3. Centriolo - 73,36 s
  4. Flugwerft Flitzer - 103,43 s
  5. Makrobe - 152,00 s
  6. Roter Graf - 344,83 s
Tomorrow we will be presenting the last of the 7 airships making it's race and we will be presenting the complete results table. There were 2 additional races with Adele that will be included in the final results.

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wow! thats really fast! what a nice blimp you got there.