Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Airship Ventures gets new cash

On Feb 21st. ran an article called "Fresh cash windfall for zeppelin" about Airship Ventures the San Francisco company that recently purchased a Zeppelin NT and brought it to the US. The article describes the current situation of Airship Ventures and how the economic downturn affected them. According to the article they got another round of investments to keep the company aloft and operating. But even though times are difficult, the article mentions that Airship Ventures will soon crack the 1,500 passengers mark and has 800 more booked flights. That's a total of 2300 passengers with a lowest ticket price of 495$ the minimum revenue that Airship Ventures will have made is 2300 x 495$ = 1,138,500$ If you remember that the airship arrived in October that is only 5 months of flying in the winter, to me that is quite the accomplishment. Congratulations and best wishes to Airship Ventures, that the passenger numbers will increase as the weather gets warmer and that the birthing pains will soon be history.


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