Saturday, August 16, 2008

Historic Airship Pictures (the Shenandoah, the Los Angeles, the Akron and the Macon as well as the Zeppelins and many more

The web is a big place and there are many hidden gems, websites that have been put together that contain a wealth of information but see only a few visitors. This post today was inspired by two pictures that I found online. Jim Ford had linked to them on his Delicious account One of the pictures was the homepage of George Starcher called Georges World he has a small section on Airships and some really nice pictures of the USS Los Angeles.
The second picture that Jim had linked to brought me through the Wikipedia to the Naval Historical Center I had bookmarked the website before but got lost in it's vastness. The best thing to navigate that website is the Search function. With this and a bit of knowledge about the Navy Airships you can get to the pages of the:
But you can also find pictures of the mast ship USS Patoka even with airships nearby or moored to the mast the resolution of all those pictures is not huge but good enough it makes a very interesting browse.

If the big Navy rigids aren't you favorites, how about some German Zeppelins? While continuing my search for great historic airship sites I stumbled accross this page called "Luftschiff Zeppelin" I had never seen this page before but was so much more surprised what a wealth of information and content the site had to offer. It contains information about all historic Zeppelins from LZ1 all the way to LZ131 either by serial number or name. So have a look at the Luftschiff Database you have to select either serial number (Baunummer) or name (Bezeichnung). But the page does not stop at the information it contains lot of pictures of airships (Luftschiffe) hangars and people from the industry (Luftschiffer). It contains a database of people and hangars with additional information. Eventhough the page is in german it's a real hidden gem. And if your German is rusty the auto-translated English page is also available here

But those aren't the only good historic resources with pictures. The Homepage of Ford U.Ross featuring pictures of Navy Blimps is a great page. Also a wealth of information can be found at Pilot und Luftschiff unfortunately also a German page but you can find information about Airships check out a lot of galleries find out about different airship types and much more. For the English translation follow this link. There are many more interesting historical websites for example DJ's Zeppelin Page or the Navy Lakehurst Historical Society that contain more historical images and information.

We have shown you only a few of those great websites that you should bookmark because they are gems and not easy to be found. We save everything we find and write about in our delicious account currently 520 bookmarks to pages, pictures, videos and other airship related resources on the web. You can take a look at all our bookmarks by going to delicious. Do you know some hidden gems? A site that you think is a fantastic airship related website that we should mention but maybe haven't yet? Is there a link that we have not in our bookmarks? Let us and everyone else know by posting your favorite airship website in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

My grandfather worked at Lakehurst Naval Air Station after WW II. He was a carpenter working in and around the two giant hangars as well as around other areas of the base. He said that he was on a catwalk up in the top of Hangar 1 and some crazy pilot flew a plane in one door and out the other...

It's hard for me to imagine man-made objects that are so immense.

The big two hangars are still around check out the view from google maps.

Anyways nice post, lotsa good links for airships.

~Jim Ford

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I can't get enough of your blog! and this is so impressive that you've gathered this much intelligence on these things. I think because of this I'm going to go grab a couple of books on the subject of Air Ships.

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