Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zeppelintours in Friedrichshafen - NT 003 and 004 pictures

John Christopher from Zeppelintours was just recently in Friedrichshafen again and brings us some great pictures from the Zeppelin Hangar, showing the NT #004 and NT #003.
Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
NT003 with artwork for Deutche Telekom, plus on the underside of the nose for the BKK Gildemeister Seiden Sticker insurance company.

Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
Work being done on the frame of the new Zeppelin NT07 #004 destined to be delivered to the US.

Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
In the foreground the almost completed girders of the Zeppelin NT #004 behind that you see the yellow bags where Helium is stored and the NT#003 having it's annual inspection. Airshipventures who are the future owners of the Zeppelin NT07 #004 also posted a nice picture of the Helium bags on their blog Up Ship!

Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
The new Gondola of the NT 004 is also taking shape in another corner of the Zeppelin Hangar.

Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
The internal rigid structure of the new Zeppelin is taking shape, it won't be long before the next one is flying.

Copyright 2008 by John Christopher
One of the props of the Zeppelin NT 003 undergoing maintenance, thanks to it's rigid structure it's positioned far away from the gondola making the ride a lot more quiet than in traditional blimps that have their engines attached to the gondola.

If you want to get so close to the Zeppelin NT and shoot some of those pictures yourself book a trip with John Christopher through his site Zeppelintours.
Additional Pictures from Friedrichshafen can also be found in the Blog posts of Airshipventures in Up Ship! for example:


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