Saturday, January 12, 2008

Zeppelin NT in Japan JA101Z

Copyright by John Christopher http://www.zeppelintours.comEver since the Zeppelin NT started with it's passenger service in Japan this winter, there has been quite some coverage. Today we would like to take you around the articles that have been written about the Zeppelin NT with the registration JA101Z. We have covered the Japanese airship already a few times last year. in June, July and November 2007 but let's look at what we haven't covered yet.

The probably most interesting article was sent to us by John Christopher from Zeppelintours it's an article on the Japanese Zeppelin NT which was published in the Tokyo Journal for Winter 2007/2008. You can download the PDF here (3.4MB)

Another really nice article is an experience report called "Up, up and away" from the Japan Times which describes the experience the editor made on his Zeppelin flight. Showing the reader once more that riding a Zeppelin is a completely new experience different from anything else up in the sky.
Another article that we found was"World's Biggest Airship to take-off soon in Tokyo" an article by outlining the operations from this winter. It was posted in late November just when the operations started. At a similar time "New airship era takes off in Tokyo"was released by the Guardian from UK on the start of the passenger operations of the Zeppelin in Japan. And last but not least there was an article by Reuters called "Tourists cruise Tokyo skies in Zeppelin airship" that is also worth reading.

The current flights over Tokyo just ended January 5th 2008 but if you want to fly on the Zeppelin NT in Japan maybe the spring flight schedule we received from John Christopher might interest you
It will be operating over the Osaka area for 19 days from March 20, 2008 to May 7th.
There are three flight routes:
  1. Naniwa Cruise: Osaka Area
  2. Bay Area Cruise: Osaka and Kobe Bay Area
  3. Mahoroba Cruise: Nara Area, Yoshino Cherry Blossoms and Asuka Area
Often described as Japan's second city, Osaka is approximately 250 miles to the southwest of Tokyo. It has its west side open to Osaka Bay, and is otherwise completely surrounded by over ten smaller cities, all of them in Osaka Prefecture, with the exception of the city of Amagasaki.

The cost of the Zeppelin flights varies depending on the course and the flight chosen. Flights are scheduled between 13:30-20:00, including the night flight.
2007.12.11 by John Christopher
Head over to operated by John Christopher who also operates Airship Initiatives. Check out his Website for everything about travelling with airships and especially the Zeppelin NT.

To learn more about the Japanese Zeppelin operations the Website of NAC (Nippon Airship Corporation) has always something to offer and check out their cruise guide (original site here) for current flight information.