Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 - The Airship Year in Review

Welcome everybody to 2008 the year 2007 is now officially over. Since we are starting into a new year, let's look back at the last year of the Airshipworld Blog.

April 2007
The first complete month of the Airshipworld Blog. We didn't know what we were getting in to and nobody knew us. But still we tried everything to get the Blog of the ground with 36 Articles in just 30 days. The most read article from April was the one about Skywork Media "World`s Largest Advertising RC Airship" (60ft/18m) now for Sale or Hire" we haven't heard a lot of news from the guys over in Turkey but I am sure that 2008 will also bring news about Skywork Media back on to the Airshipworld Blog.

May 2007
After a month with a lot of work we were slowly getting to know people. We slowed down with the posts mainly because I went on vacation an wasn't able to write during that time, still our visitor numbers were increasing. And the most read post was one that started out relatively harmless as a collection of links to interesting articles. But it turned into one of the articles that are still read a lot today. The article was called "Random airship stuff (ends up in court)" featuring Lockheed Matrin and Skycat. It was the beginning of a continuous coverage about the Fate and Progress of Skycat and the remainders of Advanced Technologies Group. I am sure we will hear also quite a bit about the Project ion the new year, we have already a few articles in the pipeline.

June 2007
In June main stream media suddenly realized that there is something like airships still around but they identified one as an UFO first. "Hyperblimp an UFO over Salt Lake City" was our take on Daniel Geerys Hyperblimp that got lost over downtown Salt Lake City due to empty batteries. The article quickly received quite a lot of attention but it has gotten a bit quieter around David and his Hyperblimp lately. I am sure we will have lot's to talk about in the new year. We will serve you with updates and new stories about this fascinating remote controlled blimp. Also in June we were able to do our first small event Coverage of the RC Airship Regatta with videos and pictures.

July 2007
The summer heat still rising we were picking up speed and readers as we proceeded into our 4th month. Which started out with a bang. The "Skycat group in adminsitration" was the first post of July and went on strong that month picking up the events from May. Followed by another article around Skycat and Lockheed "New Hybrid Airship Research Project - Memories of the Skykitten and the P-791".

August 2007
In August we delivered a lot of video posts, since we discovered how to do it. Most prominently was our exclusive Coverage about the 5th Airship Parade in Bad-Homburg . (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4). We also had to report about the sad loss of the pedal powered blimp White Dwarf. But the we saved the best for last with our Post Airships are just like fish in the sky, which was an overview of some airship projects that use fish a blueprint for their development, check out this great article.

September 2007
September was one of the darkest months for the airship industry but also one of our most successful. We had to report about the sad loss of the Zeppelin NT Prototype that was stationed in Africa. Fortunately nobody was severely injured since the Airship was on the ground when the incident happened. But it also seemed to be time again for Skycat to resurface with a headline we titled "The Skycat puzzle continues" since this Cat really seems to have nine lives.

October 2007
October, or let's say the vacation month. Due to a long vacation I wrote only embarrassingly few posts, seven to be precise. But we were still able write a few but meaning full posts like Lockheed announcing the P-791 offically ? which got additional quality through the commenter on this posts, which makes it even more worth a read.

November 2007
As if someone out there read our continuing coverage about Lockheed and Skycat we where blessed by a video of the P-791 landing. The Video footage of the Lockheed Martin / Skunkworks P-791 and the Skycat Skykitten can be seen as the grande finale of 2007 in the Skycat story. But the story continues there is still life in that old dog.

December 2007
The last month was a slow one, because the X-Mas preparations and other celebrations took up a lot of my time. Of course since December is just over the Article from December 1st called "Blimp Pictures" got most of the visitors. But we would also like to add our article about the Massaud - Manned Cloud Hotel which we wrote December 29th. In contrary to many other articles out there we tried to dig down to the root and tracked this concept back to late 2006 which was surprising since it had just appeared to become popular almost a year after being on the Internet first.

That was our 2007 thank you once again without you our readers, this would not have become what it is today. Tell us about your favourite posts and airship stories of 2007 in the comments, what would you like us to do better in 2008? And if you have not yet subscribed to the Blog please do so by either subscribing to our RSS Feed with a feed reader like Bloglines or subscribe to our Email Feed and get an Email every time we write a new post. But also check at the Blog to get the full experience with embedded media, like video, audio and slide shows. We will leave you with a little slide show, of the pictures we used this last year. Enjoy and have a great and successful 2008.

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