Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lockheed announcing the P-791 offically ?

Bringing the first piece of news from the Airships to the Arctic Conference is the Winnipeg Free Press. They released an Article this Tuesday about the conference and possible announcements that might be made by Lockheed Martin about the Skunkworks P-791 project.
Like the wizards in the fictional world of the Harry Potter books who will not say the name of their nemesis out loud, company officials will not even utter the name of the project -- P-791.
But a Lockheed spokeswoman Melissa Dalton is quoted in the article saying:
the official's planned address for the conference will be about buoyant systems in general and not about the unmentionable P-791 in particular.

Read the full article on the Winnipeg Free Press Website for more details.


Anonymous said...

no mention of P-791?

no doubt. If I were them, I'd want to distance myself as far as possible from that piece of comedy....... (even without the legal ramifications inherent in owning up to it, considering their ongoing wrangle with SkyCat/ATG; or whatever the other half of the "hybrid airship"-"hovercraft landing" comedy team are calling themselves this month)

Anonymous said...

you mean the team responsible for the skyship series of airships that happen to be one of the most succsessfull airship types of the last 30 years and still holding their own today.

true their money woes are well known of the company starting airship developments with the forrunner of the skyships the AD500 struggling with cash problems then they were airship industries failing due to the collapse of the parent company. then atg failing due to cash flow problems resulting in them going into administration. all these cash problems that they have had has nothing to do with the airships they have produced and designed.

but their technical knowhow is ahead of most companies out there. i hope the skycat gets built and proves the naysayers wrong, and also i do hope that the AT-10 see's the ligth of day again, it was a brilliant little airship and a true decendant of the skyships.

AVI said...

Why is the picture in the presentation AeroVehicles Inc. (AVI)AeroCat? This computer generated photo was created by 5DT in Prioria, South Africa for AVI to use in its presentations. Or, How did Lockheed get the picture?, Why are they using it? I know for a fact AVI did not authorize its use!!!