Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dark Roasted Airships

I stumbled last month across a really great article from the Blog Dark Roasted Blend, called Airship Dreams. It really wakes the dreamer in all of us and illustrates why Airships have and will always inspire and fascinate people. The article talks about the past the present and of course the future of airships. Mentioning the Festo Airray, the Aeroscraft and our friends from Airshipventures. It's worth a read even if it is just for all the great pictures of past concepts, the glory days of the Graf Zeppelin or the great rigid airships of the Navy. The article has been online for a while but I just wanted to share it because it is really great. Do you think the airship industry is on the right path to make a comeback? What does it take for airships to make the break through from niche to mainstream?


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