Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Airship Surveillance - development continues

Airship Surveillance is continuing to make the news, since our last post on march 26th they have released two additional press releases. The first one called "Airship Surveillance Opens Its Doors for Client Inspection" and the second one called "Airship Surveillance Advances Test Flight Program". The first release really just talks about prospective Clients visiting the company. The latest press release about the test flight program is quite interesting and talks about new tests with ducted fans for precision handling. This can be seen in the latest video Airship Surveillance released on YouTube. The video does not seem unusal at first but notice the thrusters on the nose of the airship.

This is the key part of the press release:
The latest series of tests focused on the airship's flight handling characteristics. Using a combination of ducted fans coupled with improved aerodynamic surfaces, R&D1 demonstrated precise handling in a crosswind environment. These very positive results have enabled the Company to make significant progress in its goal to deliver the first production model airship (L2) by late spring 2008.

"The test flight program is focused on the development of several key, enabling technologies and the incorporation of these technologies into the airship's flight control system, ground control station, and autopilot. The speedy advance of the program means we are on schedule with key elements of the program and actually ahead of schedule overall," stated Sandy Mangold of Airship Surveillance. He continued, "Programming of the base control system is essentially complete and we are now preparing to concentrate on refining the autopilot system. This system will permit autonomous flight, once we have established operations within restricted airspace. Truly, these are exciting times."
It's great to see Airship Surveillance making constant progress and we wish them well so that they have continued success with their development.

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