Thursday, December 27, 2007

Airship Xmas Cards

Throughout the Holiday Season one usually gets a lot of Christmas cards, these are just four cards that I got this Xmas, anyone else got some nice Airship related Xmas cards?

The first one is from our friends at Airshipventures Brian and Alexandra Hall they are working hard on getting the first Zeppelin NT to the American continent. For news around their venture also check out their well written Blog "Up Ship!"
The second card comes from Zeppelintours by John Christopher from Airshipinitiatives. Your one stop shop for your Zeppelin tourism needs world wide.
The last two cards where sent to the Airship-list by Ken DeLacy and I have to thank him for pointing me to the website where he got them from. These last to cards are out of the Navy Department Library and are part of the Macon collection

Do you have any more airship related Xmas cards or collectibles? Let us know we will be happy to feature them. Or maybe you have other Holiday Cards and collectibles that we could feature ? How a bout new years, easter or thanksgiving ?


Anonymous said...

wonderful cards! thanks for sharing them. I think I've got a couple of old Valentines' in a box somewhere. maybe I'll find em another day.

anyway, thanx again!
Darrell Campbell
Turtle Airships

Anonymous said...

Hey Darrell,
Do you have a website to view?
What's the latest news?

Andreas said...

Hello Darrell, I am looking forward to featuring your cards here on the Blog. Valentines Day is coming up and some Valentines Airship Cards would be really great. Also contact me about Turtle Airships we could feature it on the Blog.

Andreas G

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