Saturday, December 8, 2007

Interview with Stephen Wood from the Lightship Group

Since I have quite a long commute to work every day, I listen to a lot of Podcasts they range from technology to music to aviation. One of these aviation Podcasts I just recently subscribed to is the Pilotcast "a Podcast for Pilots, by Pilots" it's great to get a glimpse into the general aviation world. And it was even greater when I heard that they had featured an interview with a Blimp Pilot. This Pilot is Steve Wood who was flying a Lightship Blimp during this interview which got featured all the way back in September 2005. I discovered it because I listened through all the Archived episodes to get a better understanding of the current developments in the HTA (Heavier-Than-Air) aviation industry.
So check out this 28 minute excerpt of the Pilotcast Number 11 by clicking on the play button below.

You can download the original 1:14 long episode by using this download link
If you are listening to podcasts and are interested in general aviation this podcast is a must. Go to and subscribe to their show. If you haven't downloaded a Podcast yet, maybe this could be your first one. Let us know what you think about audio content on the page, would you be interested in a Airship Podcast or is there one already out there? Let us know, send us comments via email or post them in the comments section of this post.

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