Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quick Update

Things have been really quiet here and I haven't been devoting much time to Airshipworld. My passion for airships has not disappeared but I had to step away from this hobby and focus on more pressing concerns. Never the less I am working on new ways to bring regular Airship news in the future, I can not keep the editorial work going at the moment so I am working on a few things to intelligently pull news from different sources and aggregate them here. Airshipworld wont go away it will just change a little.


Darrell Campbell said...

Looking forward to more posts. Let me know if I can help at all.
Darrell Campbell

Unknown said...

Dear Andreas,

It is good to hear that honestly said: The best airship blog in the world will start to get posts on more regular basis :)

Ivaiovitx said...

Hi, I would like to make a suggestion: Maybe you could use some service like FRIENDFEED which provides an easy Bookmarklet to comment and link to anything you read or find on the WWW, and then post the FRIENDFEED RSS feed here. Maybe this way you could have all of use informed in a few clicks, giving you the time you need.

Good luck and keep the interest on this great subject.

Anonymous said...

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