Saturday, May 12, 2007

Zeppelin insights and the Spirit of Dubai

John Christopher from Airshipinitiatives once more did a trip to Friedrichshafen to Zeppelin with his Zeppelintours this time he brought some exciting news home with him. But before we get to the news we have to make a little detour to Dubai, better to the Spirit of Dubai this was a Skyship 600 that got modified with a new bigger envelope. The Spirit of Dubai was planned to do a "Landmark Journey" from London to Paris via Rome to Kairo and then finally to Dubai to be there for the opening of the Palm the huge artificial island in Dubai. Unfortunately the Airship got into problems with the egyptian authorities and had to stop it's route in Crete around January this year. Since then it had gotten quiet about the airship and the Spirit of Dubai. Until today, and now we come full circle back to John's Zeppelintours he took some pictures and found the missing Spirit of Dubai. The Skyship 600 (reg N605SK) is now in Friedrichshafen at Zeppelin getting a new design, the pictures show the Skyship with it's engines taken off. In the third picture you can see the current Zeppelin NT (reg. D-LZZF) with the Mainau design and in the foreground the first parts of the NT 004, the next and fourth Zeppelin NT.

Thanks again to John Christopher for providing the pictures, they are under full copyright by Zeppelintours and on their Website at there are going to be more soon.
Last but not least I want to point to one more thing. Most of us know the official Zeppelin Webcam looking out on the airfield, which unfortunately is out of order right now. But to compensate for this loss we digged out another webcam, from INSIDE the hangar. Since it is night in Germany as the time of writing you don't see much, but as the sun comes around the globe tomorrow you will be able to see the Zeppelin NT.

We do not know how officially unofficial this Camera is or how long it will stay online after we mentioned it here but for those indered here is the address for you to bookmark

That's it for tonight read you again tomorrow then with something about Ohio.


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