Monday, May 4, 2009

RC Airship Regatta 2009 - Last race and final results

And here it is the final Race of the 2009 RC Airship Regatta. The airship Iris build and flown by Johannes Eißing the organizer and initiator of the RC Airship Regatta.
Iris - Race 7 - Regatta March 2009

With 81,33 s Iris placed 4th after the blazing fast D11 the loud Adele and the proven Centriolo. After the official race Adele was flown two more times and the flights were also included in the ranking, it clearly shows that the pilots skills also play an important role in the race. Here now the complete ranking after all races.
AirshipPilotLap 1Lap 2Lap3SumRank
D11Carsten Seltz16,7912,9813,9043,661
AdeleTim Schaller22,2926,3424,6973,322
CentrioloDominik Baumüller25,6322,1425,5873,363
IrisJohannes Eißing29,3625,1426,8381,334
AdeleCarsten Seltz27,2933,2031,3791,865
Flugwerft FlitzerPeter Hanickel37,2433,4632,73103,436
AdeleMartin Wähmer29,8076,7045,50152,007
MakrobeDominik Baumüller71,3438,4165,68175,428
Roter GrafFrederik Gester148,54103,4492,85344,839

Here the video of Martin Wähmers race with Adele
Adele - Race 8 - Regatta March 2009

Also we wanted to show you the different sizes of the airships. All dimensions are in meters (1 meter = 3.2808399 feet)
AirshipLengthWidthHeightBlock VolumeScalePenalty
Iris2,000,400,400,320 0,684 0,827
Flugwerft Flitzer 2,62 0,61 0,53 0,847 0,946 0,973
Makrobe 1,50 0,40 0,32 0,192 0,577 0,760
Rote Graf 3,87 1,04 1,10 4,427 1,642 1,281

And here are all the races in one Playlist

To learn more about future races and to get involved yourself, please head over to the RC Airship Regatta Yahoo Group and become a part of the community. Maybe you want to host your own race somewhere in North Amercia or Asia, where ever in the world you are join the RC Airship Regatta Yahoo Group.

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