Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Airshipworld Yahoo Group and new X Prize Challenge

Well I guess it has been a pretty quiet day on the Interweb when it comes to airship news. So I decided to tweak the Blog a bit to make it look a little bit more modern. Tell me if you like it or not. So I also added a Link list to the Sidebar which will contain Links that I recommend to check out. If I mention a Website of interest I will most likely put it into the Recommended links, also, when it has any long term value and is not just a news topic.
So the first link there is to the Airshipworld Yahoo Group this Yahoo Group is dedicated to the upcoming International Airship Investors' Conference in Cape Town which I blogged about before. It currently has 124 Members and is quite active. Right now this blog is not yet officially affiliated with this group but this might happen soon. I will blog about it as soon as there are news available.
There was a post in this Group today by a Guy called Grant Morgan he wrote about that the X-Prize people are looking for new prize goals and pointed out that Airships or the advantages of Airships could be made a challenge, speaking of like fuel efficient transport to remote locations. I think that this is a brilliant Idea. The Same post was made on a Blog called Current Airships which I assume is his blog, which is also available in the "Recommended Links" list on the Sidebar.
The quest for new challenges of the X-Prize is set up as a contest by Zannel.com you can read more about the idea behind the contenst in a Blogpost called "The X PRIZE's Participatory Video Contest" from the WorldChanging Website.
That's all for today, please leave feedback in the comments and if you haven't already, sign up for the Yahoo Group. An Email adres for the blog will be available shortly. All that's left to say is, till tomorrow.

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